Steve J. Giardini Photography Announces New Art Leasing Program

When does it make more sense to lease art instead of buying it?

  • Are you a builder or realtor looking to stage that new or upscale resale home? 
  • Are you new business owner with limited start up capital?
  • Are you a restaurateur in need of seasonal decor without the storage headache?
  • Are you leasing office space and have a temporary art need?
  • Do you have a vacation rental or time share that needs that extra touch to attract and retain clients?

Learn more about why leasing art may make more sense than buying art. Discover how simple the process is and check out the reasonable monthly rates. Call 480.204.3109 or email: with questions or special needs.



Steve J. Giardini is a professional outdoor and nature photographer. He resides in Bend, Oregon, one of the most beautiful places in the USA. His goal is to capture and share the beauty of the natural world.

Browse his high-resolution photo portfolio. All his images are available for purchase as paper, metal, canvas or digital format prints. Don't hesitate to call (480.204.3109) or email ( with questions or special requests and thanks for visiting.